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Take us “to go”

We love weddings and we love to travel - so why not combine the two?

You don't have to come to Naples to experience all of this awesome – hire us to come right to you! Our team can travel to any place in the world that you want us to be (we are currently working on the rest of the universe) we will keep you posted on our inter-galactic endeavors.

We work to make the most magical wedding we can possibly provide for you and take away as much of the stress and worries that we can, in order to get you to the finish line of your wedding journey. Maybe you want to choose a location that you can stay afterward for a honeymoon location as well. This could be somewhere like Turks and Caicos, where they have many luxury villas that will maintain the magic from your wedding day right throughout your honeymoon. If you're interested in a luxury villa then you could visit this website https://isleblue.co/turks-and-caicos/villas, for one company that offers this service. We will travel anywhere that you want for your gorgeous hair and beauty treatments that are catered to your specific wants and needs. We want to ensure that as a bride you feel pampered and spoilt, making sure that your wedding day truly is the happiest day of your life so far.

This is where we currently have traveled to: Seattle, WA; Aspen, CO; Long Beach Island, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; Cincinnati, OH; Yardley, PA; Nantucket, MA; New Rochelle, NY; Asbury Park, NJ
2019 Travel Plans: Kansas City, MO & New York City

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